Ten Scenes from Niskavuori

Directed by Melvin Kangas
College of Health Sciences Auditorium
Finlandia University
Hancock, Michigan
Admission $5
Tuesday, June 18  7 pm
Thursday, June 20  7 pm
Saturday, June 22  7 pm
Ten Scenes from Niskavuori is a compilation of ten scenes based on three plays from the Niskavuori Saga, The Women of Niskavuori, The Bread of Niskavuori, and What now, Niskavuori? by Hella Wuolijoki. They will be performed in the English language, translated from the Finnish by Melvin Kangas. The play covers events from the early years of the Depression till the end of Finland’s Continuation War in 1944 and how those years affect the life surrounding the Niskavuori farm (located in the western Finland province of Hame) and its matriarch Loviisa Niskavuori.