FinnFest USA 2013


Welcome to the Copper Country!

FinnFest USA 2013 Board of Directors. Back row, from left: Robin Bonini, Duane Aho, Scott MacInnes, Pete Negro, Dallas Bond, Glenn Anderson
Front row, from left: John Kiltinen, Pauline Kiltinen, Mary Pekkala, Hilary Virtanen, James Kurtti, David Maki, Kevin Manninen.

FinnFest USA 2013 is…


An opportunity to learn

Traditionally, FinnFest USA celebrations offer speakers and attendees a chance to share with one another their expertise and interests through lectures, workshops, panel discussions, exhibitions, and more. It also gives people outside of the ethnic community the opportunity to learn about their Finnish neighbors. From genealogy to weaving, music to sports, and education forums to technology, FinnFest USA explores it all!

A space for celebration and commemoration

A festival of surprising depth and proportion, FinnFest USA 2013 will be held in connection with the following:
-Juhannus Midsummer Celebration (Toivola)
-the 100 year commemoration of the 1913 Copper Strike and the Italian Hall Disaster
-the sesquicentennial of the City of Hancock
-Reunion of Finnish War Children Evacuees
-arts exhibitions and performances
-spiritual fellowship with multiple denominations
-music and dancing

A chance for Finns worldwide to connect…

-with your family and friends at numerous private family and community group reunions
-with fellow Finns from their own backyard, from across the country, or across the ocean!
-with their heritage in America
-with modern Finland

Something for everyone

From our lectures and discussion panels to our concerts and performances to our tori markets boasting popular Finnish American and Finnish goods, FinnFest USA 2013 will be the best thing you can do all year!

Join us! We know you’ll be glad you did!