FinnFest USA 2013 and its programming partners are proud to present a wide variety of interpretive and artistic exhibits as a part of our festival! Learn about our exhibits below, and check back often as our information is updated.


From Living Seed to Flourishing Field: Laestadian Lutherans in North America                

Curator: Keith Waaraniemi, Laestadian Lutheran Church
Venue: TBA
Based on the Laestadian Lutheran Church’s “Millennium Exhibit” of the same name, this exhibit will include five sections chronicling the revivalist movement’s relationship to reformers Martin Luther and Lars Levi Laestadius, its early years in Lapland, arrival in North America with mostly Finnish-speaking immigrants, its spread across the continent, its adaptation to church structures in a new land, struggles with language, schisms, organization, and its ultimate flourishing on a new continent. A snapshot of the ensuing years since the exhibit’s creation will be added. Some of the original display panels will be shown and much of the exhibit will now be presented in DVD form. Some artifacts may also be displayed. Attending staff members will be available to provide additional information or answer questions as needed.

Hunttarit! Finnish American Hunters and Trappers of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota

Curator: Ilja Koivisto, Hunting Museum of Finland
Venue: TBA
Hunttarit! Finnish American Hunters and Trappers of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota opened at the Hunting Museum of Finland in the summer of 2012. Drawing from archival research and original fieldwork with contemporary Finnish Americans, Hunttarit! explores their hunting, trapping and subsistence traditions, looking specifically at how the new environment of the Lake Superior region caused changes in customary practices brought from Finland. Hunttarit! is an innovative and comparative look at Finnish American hunting traditions from the perspectives of the Finns who remained in the Old Country.
Supported with a generous grant from the Michigan Council on Arts and Community Affairs and the Copper Country Community Arts Council.

Kokoelmasta: Finnish and Finnish American Art from the Finlandia University Collection

Curator: Carrie Flaspohler
Venue: Finlandia University Gallery, Finnish American Heritage Center
Since 1990, the Finlandia University Gallery has advanced the understanding of Finnish American art through its annual Contemporary Finnish American Artist series, and through additional exhibitions featuring the work of living Finnish American and Finnish artists. This exhibit of work by both Finnish American and Finnish artists, from the gallery's permanent collection, is presented in conjunction with FinnFest USA 2013.
Image: "Foster's Pond," Arno Rafael Minkkinen, 1996